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How does Hypnotherapy work?

Another question often asked is “does hypnotherapy work?”.  Of course it is possible to ask someone who has had hypnotherapy whether it has worked for them but is there any scientific evidence for the effectiveness of hypnotherapy?   The pdf you can view by clicking the link below has been produced by Mark Tyrell for Uncommon Knowledge and it gives an insight in to some of the research that has been carried out on the effects of hypnosis.

How does Hypnosis work?  Free download

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Free Hypnotherapy Download

Many people think of hypnotherapy as the sort that you see on the stage, where people are hypnotised in an instant and made to perform embarrassing acts in front of an audience.  This could not be further from the type of hypnosis that we do at Sussex Hypnotherapy and coaching.

Hypnosis is very calming and relaxing.  You are fully aware of your surroundings and are able to respond to external factors should the need arise.

You can now experience a short free hypnotic induction with Steve in order that you can better understand how hypnosis works and feels.  The session lasts for around ten minutes and is purely for you to experience the feeling of relaxation that hypnosis brings.

If you would like to download the sampler, please click on the link below and enter your details in the shop.  The download link will be in your confirmation email.

Free Hypnosis Download

If you would like to find out more about hypnotherapy and coaching please do get in touch.

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