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Stress – the silent enemy.

The news this week has featured Jonathan Trott, the English Cricketer who has returned home from Australia due to a stress related condition.

What is stress?  Stress is the body’s response to pressures and influences that we feel we can’t cope with.  Sometimes, the body subconsciously triggers a set of responses to stress going back to our fight or flight instinct – increased heart rate, sweating, faster breathing, heightened immune system, heightened sense of alertness.  In the short term these responses present no lasting problem and go away and are forgotten about.

For some people, the body takes these responses to another level resulting in more serious long term health concerns such as heart conditions, Gastrointestinal disease, headaches,Globus Hystericus, depression etc.  As the responses are triggered at a subconscious level, it is not possible to eradicate them simply by taking a painkiller or a day off work, which may help reduce the symptoms but will not begin to touch the cause.

It stands to reason that as the subconscious mind creates the condition, the route to relieving the problem long term also lies within the subconscious.  Sadly Doctors these days often prescribe antidepressants, which is a little like sticking a plaster over an infected wound. Eventually the problem will reoccur further down the line, possible months, possibly years but without treating the underlying cause it will still be there.

At Sussex Hypnotherapy and Coaching, we take a look at life as a whole and then narrow down the areas which are causing stress and anxiety and then we work with you using various coaching techniques to explore these areas, to help you to find ways of dealing with them in a constructive way and finally using gentle and relaxing hypnotic inductions we work with your subconscious to encourage it to stop the harmful responses it is generating.

If you would like to discuss stress, anxiety and how we can help you, please do give me a call in confidence on 01243 251627 or 07778 287119

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National Stress Day – 6th November 2014

Did you know that today is National Stress Awareness Day?

Sponsored by the International Stress Management Association, the aim of the day is to raise awareness of stress and the effect stress has on health, business and productivity and to promote methods of reducing stress.  It is estimated that stress costs the UK economy £60 Billion of £1000 for every man, woman and child.

At Sussex Hypnotherapy and Coaching, we can help both individuals and businesses to identify stress in either a single person or perhaps how stress in the workplace is affecting productivity and interpersonal relationships.

Often workplace stress is cause by poor communication and if that is an issue, our Profile Training website has more information on how we can work with companies to improve internal communication.  On a personal level, coaching and hypnotherapy can identify areas causing stress to a person and work towards addressing these areas and implementing practices that will help reduce the levels of stress and improve feelings of wellbeing.

Please do contact us if you are experiencing stress if if you have concerns about your employees.  You can call us on 01243 251627 or 07778 28711 for a no-obligation chat about how we can help you.


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