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Hypnotherapy in Chichester

Welcome to Sussex Hypnotherapy and coaching.  The chances are you have found this page looking for hypnotherapy in Chichester.  Steve Thomson has been providing hypnotherapy in Chichester since moving to the area from London in early 2013.

Qualified in CBT and NLP as well as hypnotherapy, Steve uses an approach which identifies the underlying issues surrounding the reason you are seeking help and then uses a combination of techniques including visualisation, relaxation, breathing exercises as well as hypnotherapy to effect a change.

One area Steve specialises in is the use of coaching and hypnotherapy for depression. Depression and anxiety are increasingly common, particularly for women and they can manifest in many ways from insomnia and very low mood to physical symptoms such as Globus Hystericus (lump in throat) and IBS.  Often antidepressant medicines are prescribed to reduce the symptoms without any attempt being made to identify the cause.  At Sussex Hypnotherapy and Coaching, we look to find whether there has been is a trigger for the anxiety and depression and then through guided discussion, visualisation and hypnosis help you to find alternative ways to deal with these areas.


Another area, Steve specialises in is helping sportsmen and women with performance issues.  If you are having for example the yips in golf, gold fever in archery or competition nerves, hypnotherapy and coaching can be very beneficial to help you refocus and improve your confidence and performance.

You might be looking for hypnotherapy in Chichester as a way to stop smoking, to lose weight, to overcome a fear or phobia or to gain more confidence.  Steve has had many successes in all these areas.  You might not even need a lot of treatments to make a big difference and a confidential chat to discuss your needs is completely free of charge.

To find out more about hypnotherapy in Chichester with Steve Thomson, please give us a call on 07778 287119 or fill out the form below and Steve will get back to you.

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