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Learned Helplessness

Learned Helplessness

A normal reaction to an unpleasant, painful or upsetting stimulus is for a person to remove themselves from whatever is causing the physical or emotional discomfort.  In a one off situation, we may do this without even thinking about it and carry on with our lives totally unaffected by it.

What happens though if someone is exposed to repeated and unpredictable episodes of unpleasant experiences?  For some people the response over time is to begin to accept the negative influences and rather than seeking change to begin to just accept the pain, discomfort or distress as normal, believing that they have no influence over the events and circumstances and therefore there is no point trying.

This learned helplessness (first discovered in 1965 by Psychologist Martin Seligman) can lead to feelings of lack of self worth, lack of confidence and depression.  With coaching, we can help people to identify learned helplessness, the factors which may have contributed to it and work on ways to restore confidence, self esteem and feelings of self control.

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