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Globus Hystericus Case Study 1


Mrs D is a 39 year old female with a 9 year history of Globus Hystericus. Her GP had ruled out any physical cause for the severe discomfort and feeling of tightness and restriction in her throat.  For 9 years, Mrs D had been taking a high dose of prescribed antidepressants, which had no noticeable effect on the state of her condition.  Doctors advised that there was no medical treatment to improve the condition resulting in low mood and an effect on daily life.


Treatment involved identifying factors in Mrs D’s life, which were causing any anxiety.  These areas included family issues, money and work concerns.  Once the areas had been identified, sessions included a combination of hypnosis to help relaxation and to reduce the anxiety surrounding the areas which had been identified.  As well as hypnosis, coaching enabled Mrs D to identify ways to approach the issues in a different way, reducing the negative emotions associated with them.


After eight sessions with Steve, Mrs D reported a significant reduction in the physical feelings associated with her Globus Hystericus including prolonged spells with no discomfort, a feeling of increased wellbeing and confidence as well as a much more positive outlook generally.

Update December 2013 – After five months of treatment, Mrs D has been able to stop taking anti-depressants completely.  She reports that the Globus feeling is now only rarely apparent and using a recorded hypnotherapy session, it is kept at a completely manageable level.

“I am so pleased I met Steve.  Globus is a horrible condition, which Doctors seem to have little understanding of.  Being told that you just have to live with something so unpleasant is not what you want to hear.  Steve is patient and understanding and took the time to help me look at areas which were causing me anxiety, even though I had not been particularly aware of the effects they were having before.  Combined with relaxing hypnosis sessions I feel better than I have in years and I have been able to reduce the drugs I am taking, which is an added bonus!  I am continuing with ongoing mentoring to ensure that I keep improving.”  Mrs D – September 2013

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