Chichester Hypnotherapy

Coaching is basically just a conversation with someone who asks questions and listens to your answers before asking the next question. It’s a quick and effective way of establishing what problems exist, and where they stem from.

Coaching is widely used in business, and can help increase productivity, cut down on absenteeism and staff ‘churn’.

When working with individuals, coaching can help to highlight those areas of life that are at the heart of a problem or an issue, but which may not be obvious to a casual observer.

Our unique blend of coaching and hypnotherapy is designed to allow the hypnotherapist to identify those aspects of daily life or of someone’s background that may be at the root of whatever might need changing, and help the client deal with issues quickly and effectively.

From a client’s point of view, it will seem to be nothing more than a chat, and it’s certainly not an uncomfortable experience. However, the coach/therapist will be listening and learning all the time, in order to offer the most effective treatment possible.