Chichester Hypnotherapy – a unique blend of hypnotherapy and coaching

Hypnotherapy is a completely safe, natural and non-invasive way to treat a huge variety of problems and issues, ranging from fears and phobias (fear of flying, of spiders, crowded places…people can develop irrational fears and phobias about almost anything), habits such as smoking or nail biting to depression, low self-esteem or lack of confidence; even medical conditions such as IBS can often be helped through hypnotherapy; in fact, the list is almost endless.

At Sussex Hypnotherapy we will always start with a conversation to discuss the problem and to explain in plain English how the therapy will go. Only when you are happy will we go on to the hypnosis.

If you have a problem or an issue, and you’re not sure about whether hypnotherapy might be of help, why not give us a no-obligation call  so we can discuss it.

Unusually, we like to combine hypnotherapy with some other ‘talking’ disciplines; sometimes coaching can be hugely beneficial either on its own or in combination with hypnotherapy. We also take a view that help should be available long-term, and so we can discuss a mentoring programme to help you continue to make the kind of progress you want to see in your life and career.

GHC accredited
General Hypnotherapy Council Accredited
General Hypnotherapy Council registered
General Hypnotherapy Council
Hampshire School of Hypnotherapy Diploma

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