Case Studies

Panic attacks can be severe, frightening and inexplicable. They can appear at any time and for no obvious reason. The symptoms are often mistaken for heart attacks by those experiencing them, which can in itself make the attack even more scary.

A late night message from someone who had woken up in a state of high anxiety, with a racing pulse, gasping for breath and with a disturbing facial tic resulted in an early morning home visit to see if hypnotherapy and coaching could help get to the bottom of the cause of the attack and make sure there would be no repeat performance.

A short session of light hypnotherapy later and the facial tic was gone, the pulse and breathing were back to normal and the client reported that she felt very much more calm.

The following day I had a call from the client, who said that she had actually stayed on the couch where she had been during hypnotherapy for several hours, and had had the soundest sleep she could remember…which might be a clue as to why she had experienced the attack in the first place, as a build-up of tiredness can have a profound effect on the mind as well as the body.

Subsequent conversations have confirmed that there has been no repeat of the episode, and I have subsequently visited the same client to help her to stop smoking.

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