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At Hypnotherapy Sussex we recognise that hypnotherapy alone may not be able to provide the solution for some people, but that a combination of coaching and hypnotherapy might make it easier for our clients to define the nature of the problem, to understand it, and therefore to be more able and ready to resolve it.

Training in both CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) and coaching means that we can start the process of fixing what’s wrong by engaging in a constructive dialogue; steering the direction of the conversation through focussed questioning and by being able and willing to listen acutely to what is being said – both in spoken terms and in the non-verbal communication that carries so much meaning.

Our clients tell us that they find this part of the treatment to be very positive and rewarding, and it’s not unusual for someone to work out the resolution to a difficult problem during the coaching session, making the hypnotherapy element a straightforward matter of reinforcing a decision that’s already been made.

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