What does depression feel like?

It is almost certain that you know someone with depression.  You may not know who they are and yet figures from the Office for National Statistics show that nearly one fifth of adults in the UK experience some form of anxiety or depression.  Perhaps you yourself have been diagnosed with depression or maybe you have feelings that you can’t explain but which make you feel out of sorts, tired, emotional or angry.

But what does depression feel like?  If you have never experienced depression, you may find it hard to understand why perhaps someone you know is occasionally withdrawn, perhaps snappy from time to time, not wanting to go out or take part in activities they usually enjoy.  Depression is not like physical injury.  If someone breaks an arm or a leg, there is a visible plaster cast or even an operation. It is possible to imagine what that pain might feel like.  We have all experienced physical pain at some point in our lives.  We might not have broken an arm but we may have trapped a finger in a door and we can imagine how we think the pain might compare.

How does someone with depression feel?  This video produced by The World Health Organisation gives you a very good insight into the world of someone experiencing depression.

Studies have revealed that prolonged use of antidepressants can actually worsen the symptoms they have been prescribed to relieve.  Although people with depression can find it hard to talk about how they are feeling, it is often the case that by speaking to a suitably experienced practitioner, over time the feelings of anxiety or depression become more manageable and have less of a negative impact on their life.  I am trained in both CBT and NLP and have successfully used these techniques combined with hypnotherapy to help people with anxiety and/or depression to feel more in control and more positive and in one recent case to finally come off antidepressants after nine full years on medication.

I offer a completely confidential service and I am very happy to have a no-obligation chat with anyone who feels that they may be experiencing any form of depression or anxiety to discuss how I can help.  If you would like to talk with me about this, please do call 01243 251627 or 07778 287119.

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