Hypnotherapy for Depression

One area we specialise in at Sussex Hypnotherapy is coaching and hypnotherapy for depression.

Depression or anxiety affects approximately 1 in 5 adults in the UK and in the region of 40% of days lost to work related illnesses are due to depression.  Depression is more than just a feeling of sadness, it can be extreme, long lasting and debilitating. People suffering with depression are often reluctant to seek help due to stigma, embarrassment or fear. Depression cannot be seen from the outside like a broken limb and the temptation is to cover it up and try and pretend that it does not exist.

Psychological symptoms of depression include low self esteem, tearfulness, irritability, lack of interest in social situations, lack of motivation and in extreme cases pessimistic or even suicidal thoughts.

Physical symptoms of depression include changes in weight, insomnia, lack of energy, changes to the menstrual cycle in women and general aches and pains which can’t be otherwise explained.

Traditional anti-depressant drugs can be effective in reducing the feelings of depression however they can have unpleasant side effects and often people are on the drugs for years without the underlying cause of the depression being investigated.

How can hypnotherapy help with depression?

Hypnotherapy combined with NLP, CBT and coaching as we practice here at Sussex Hypnotherapy looks at the underlying causes for the depression and anxiety.  By talking with you about your life and your anxieties, we gradually identify the factors causing you concern.  These may not be things which are immediately apparent to you, often the causes which appear to be obvious are actually masking less obvious but more deeply set issues.

Hypnotherapy is a completely safe and non-invasive process, which works with the unconscious mind, which controls our beliefs, fears, feelings, emotions and behaviours.  The unconscious mind can develop negative associations and responses and hypnotherapy, through suggestion can help to resolve these feelings over time and reduce the symptoms of depression and anxiety.

If you are considering hypnotherapy for depression or anxiety, we are more than happy to have a completely confidential discussion with you to explain more about how we work.  You can call us on  07778 287119 or fill in the form below and we will get back to you.

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