Hypnotherapy for Anxiety

Anxiety. It’s a bit of a catchall word for all the stresses and pressures that life can throw at us. When things get tough; through bereavement, job loss, relationship issues or any of the countless things that can undermine us mentally and emotionally, what we end up feeling is Anxiety.

Everyone is different, and everyone will respond in their own ways to different situations, but increasingly over the past couple of years anxiety has been the number one reason people have given for visiting my hypnotherapy clinic.

It’s important to recognise that in most people the problem is a circular one; person A feels stressed and anxious about something. Their sleep is poor because they are worried about whatever it was that caused the stress, so they wake up tired and they experience low mood, which leaves them vulnerable to negative thinking, which exacerbates the anxiety making it harder for them to get a good night’s sleep….and so on.

Anxiety can show up and can affect us in many different ways; often translating into something physical, with conditions such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome (which many now recognise as being a stress-related illness in most cases) or Globus Hystericus, which is a distressing condition in which the sufferer feels as though there is a lump in their throat making swallowing difficult and painful.

Through a combination of hypnotherapy and coaching I have treated many people who have come to me stating that they are experiencing anxiety as well as those who present with physical symptoms which reveal themselves on examination to be stress related.

Clients report that they are sleeping better, feeling more in control and are able to relax. Those who have physical conditions brought on by stress often state that their symptoms have greatly reduced or disappeared after the first or second session.