Hypnotherapy for Globus Hystericus

Globus Hystericus

Globus Hystericus, Globus Pharyngeus or just Globus as it is now more frequently referred to is one of the most commonly presented ENT disorders and yet one of the least well understood.  Often described as having a lump in the throat, the feeling varies between sufferers from just experiencing a mild discomfort to a severely distressing condition, which affects daily life.

The first step if you think you may be suffering with Globus Hystericus is to seek advice from your GP who will rule out any possible physical cause for the symptoms you are experiencing.  Conditions including Acid Reflux, post nasal drip, and Pharyngitis may cause a similar feeling as Globus Hystericus and it is important to rule any of these out in the first instance.  For some people there is a fear that there may be a tumour causing the feeling of restriction in the throat and often the reassurance that this is not the case may be enough to improve the condition.

If you have seen your GP and been given a diagnosis of Globus Hystericus then perhaps we can help.  Often Globus Hystericus is an anxiety related response where the body reverts back to the primitive ‘fight or flight’ response to fear or danger (or anxiety or stress) in which the throat muscles contract, giving the feeling of tightness.  In turn this feeling of tightness can lead to further distress and emotional upset and therefore propagates a vicious circle which left alone will continue unchecked.

How can we help?

By talking with you, we can help to identify any areas in your life, which may be a source of anxiety.  Sometime these are immediately obvious, you will know what your triggers are and yet often there are areas causing you worry or anxiety that you might not immediately associate with your Globus Hystericus.  We will use a series of questions to explore how your feel about different areas and we are guided by your responses both verbally and non-verbally as to which direction to take the conversation.  Sometimes this conversation can initially result in strong emotions including sadness, upset and anger but this is quite normal and we will take the conversation at a pace that you are comfortable with.  As the sessions progress you will most likely find that it becomes easier to talk about the areas identified as you develop techniques to accept and work though the issues we discuss.

Every case will be different so there is no prescribed way in which the sessions will run, however it is likely that we will use techniques including visualisation and breathing exercises as well as hypnotherapy to gradually reduce the anxieties you are feeling and as a result we would hope to see a gradual reduction in your physical experience of Globus Hystericus.

If you would like to have a chat about hypnotherapy for Globus Hystericus and how I can help you, do give me a call on 07778 287119 or fill in the form below and I will get back to you. You can also view a recent case study.

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