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Hypnotherapy is simply a means of achieving a state of deep relaxation, which in turn allows the unconscious mind to be highly receptive to positive influences and suggestions. The subject is fully in control at all times, just very deeply relaxed. At the end of a session most people feel physically refreshed and mentally motivated, as though they have experienced a really good sleep.

Hypnotherapy can be useful in the treatment of many conditions, including fears and phobias, interview or presentation anxiety and breaking bad habits and we are experienced in helping with all of these.

Our particular interest lies in helping people with depression, anxiety or stress and also physical conditions, which are made worse by stress or depression such as Globus Hystericus, IBS, insomnia.

We also work with sportsmen and women; helping them to achieve their goals, whether this is overcoming the yips in golf, reducing competition nerves or even coaching teams to perform better together.

Frequently asked questions

What does Hypnotherapy feel like?
Hypnosis is a state of relaxation; you are not asleep. People tend to have different feelings during hypnotic inductions but you will be aware of what is being said and you will have full control. The hypnotherapy we use is completely different to the stage hypnosis you may have seen. We will never make any suggestion that you should do anything out of character and even if we did, your conscious mind would take over and you would come out of the hypnotic state straight away.

Some people describe a heaviness in their limbs, breathing tends to slow down as you relax, possibly tingling in the fingers. Most people find it a very relaxing and comfortable experience.

Can anyone be hypnotised?
Everyone has the potential to be hypnotised but it is not possible to hypnotise someone against their will.

Will I fall asleep during hypnosis?
During hypnosis you remain aware of what is being said although you will be very relaxed. It is unusual for someone to actually fall asleep during a hypnosis and although you may feel like you have had a sleep you will remember what you heard.

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