All about New Year’s Resolutions

So here we are in 2014, a brand new year with so much opportunity for development and improvement.

How many of us make ‘New Year’s Resolutions’? Around half of us set ourselves goals at this time of year: we will eat less, stop smoking, go to the gym… and yet how often does January turn to February and we realize that our resolutions have already fallen by the wayside?

So why do New Year’s Resolutions have a failure rate in the region of 88%? 

A resolution is essentially a decision we make to change some behaviour or other that we don’t like about ourselves, and for that decision to stick, we require a change of thinking and rebooting of the subconscious. In other words, we have to change our habits, and anyone who has tried to break a bad habit by willpower alone will know how hard that can be. We often need something more – a helping hand or perhaps an understanding of the negative effects of NOT changing the habit.

That’s not to say you shouldn’t set yourself some goals for improvement and development in your life for 2014, just be aware that if you call these goals ‘New Year’s Resolutions’ you may find that, once it stops being New Year, and it’s just plain old 2104, your resolutions may not seem so pressing or attractive to you.

Ways to help improve the success of resolutions include:

–       Telling yourself you are making resolutions for 2014 – that’s the whole of 2014, not just New Year!

–       Setting realistic and measurable goals.  Aim to lose 2lb a week rather than setting a goal of losing 30lb with no time frame.

–       Letting someone else know your goals; someone who will support you.

–       Celebrate success along the way.

–       Focus on the benefits of the resolution rather than the effect. i.e. focus on how good you will feel if you take a little regular  exercise rather than how bad you’ll feel if you don’t lose the weight

–       Create new, good habits to replace the old, bad habits.

–       Be kind to yourself.  A small slip is not the end of the world.

Perhaps most importantly try not to think of New Year Resolutions at all.  Think of positive life changes.  By February, we are no longer in the New Year frame of mind and it is easy to see how a resolution may fail so quickly.  Set goals now to achieve by the end of the year and look at beginning 2015 feeling incredible!

Hypnotherapy and Coaching can be invaluable in helping you to identify your goals and to give you the tools to stay motivated and on track to achieving them.  Whatever you hope to achieve this year, do give me a call and start making the changes today.