Presentation nerves

We have all been there.  You have a presentation to do, you know your subject inside out but the dreaded presentation nerves kick in.  The thought of standing in front of people, whether it be one potential customer or a room full of people wanting to invest in you, these presentation nerves turn you from a calm, confident person into a ball of jelly.  Your stomach is turning, your mouth is dry, your pulse is racing and this is even before you stand up to talk, even weeks or months ahead.

Presentation nerves are an incredibly common problem for everyone regardless of how many presentations you do in public.  Some nerves can be beneficial, keep you sharp and get the adrenaline flowing but what do you do when the nerves threaten to take over the presentation?

At Sussex Hypnotherapy and Coaching we can help you.  Steve Thomson has a proven background in presentation skills training, working with large national companies including the Red Cross and Ipsos Mori, and this experience, combined with coaching, hypnotherapy and/or training can give you the skills you need to reduce the presentation nerves to a manageable level.

As well as reducing the nerves, Steve can give you tools to help you improve your presenting skills. How to breathe, how to structure your presentation, how to present a stronger pitch.  These are all areas we can help you with.  We do not just do hypnotherapy – whether you are a sole trader or a multi-national company, if you present, we can help you get better results faster.

If you would like to have a chat about presentation nerves and how I can help you, do give me a call on 07778 287119 or email and we will get back to you.

Testimonials from LinkedIn

[one_half last=”no”]“Steve helped me to improve my public speaking and gave me some valuable hints and tips on managing my nerves! I found the course useful and would definitely recommend Steve to anybody needing help with public speaking.” – Janet Withell – Team Leader at Utility Warehouse[/one_half]

[one_half last=”yes”]”Steve packed a lot of useful information into 2 hours. Assisting me prepare a presentation yesterday, with very short notice. Usually I’m a bag of nerves, standing up in front of 25 people, but this morning I controlled my breathing, by remembering an exercise he taught me and broke the speech up into memorable sections, with some interesting props. Several of the audience congratulated me on a great talk afterwards.” – Jackie Matthews – Co-Prom.[/one_half]

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